Simple Pleasures

I love watching my horses drink water from the large tank sitting alongside the fenced lane to the studio. Every day I run the hose to the tank then climb the plank fence in the west field and walk to the hydrant and pull the handle up to release the water. Pressure fizzes through the hose indicating it’s ready for me to turn the key at the end of the hose to let the water out and into the tank.

My gray mare hears the sound of the water filling the tank and comes over to drink. I’ve positioned the hose so it curls around the bottom of the tank keeping it from flipping out like a coiled snake and flopping out onto the ground.

She waits until the water is deep enough then lowers her head into the tank and touches the surface of the swirling water and swishes it back and forth with her muzzle as she blows air through her nostrils. She drinks deeply, and then swishes her muzzle again and again to clear the surface of whatever she thinks may be floating in the water and drinks again.

Raising her head between sips she lets the water drop from her lips. Finally she’s had her fill and stands for me to rub her ears as I reach through the wooden planks. She reaches over to me and touches me with her lips dripping with water. She’s one of my simple pleasures.