Horse World

Earlier in the day I’d plotted my disappearance into the other side of my life; the horse world.  It was now or never.

I gathered up my all purpose saddle, hunt bridle, helmet and got the cold weather duds on for a ride today.  While driving the truck down to the barn area I noticed the two high class mares were standing on the corner next to the road.  Bird’s eye view I would guess; they can see who’s coming and going.  They must have grown tired of the slightly nibbled on round bale sitting in front of their run in shed.  The Hellion was first to come over and see what I might be doing by fiddling with the steel gate hook. Reaching out to touch her not to be touched yet; she’s always like an eel, slippery and fast.

Hauling all my gear towards the next gate where they were now hanging out they waited for me. The Hellion was fending off interest from the White Queen.  She’s so different from the Hanoverian.  Frick or Frack? Thelma or Louise?  Hard to describe the two horses although one is upright, dainty in her movement, ears tight and Marwan looking, the other is a big flea bitten gray with long low motion, and large bone.  A big white plume follows her, but not like the Hellion who has hers held high and fancy.

I fended off the Hellion after she refused the horse treat to go after the White Queen.  A dance this is, fetching a horse out of the pasture.  Now I had the White Queen in the circle drive in front of the log house.  Slipping off her Weatherbeeta blue rug she was pretty clean underneath the cloth.  I swept off the dried muddy parts and settled the saddle on her back.  Wrong girth size, I would guess a 52, but have been told a 50 may be the better compromise.  This was a 48 inch saddle girth so I had attach one side and then snub up the other side and inch it up.  Not so easy to do with a mare that is an honest 16.3.

Finally getting her tacked up with help from my riding companion we took off down the country lane.  It was sunny with bright blue skies over the winter landscape.  We rode down the road and then headed north into Ready’s property.  A rolling wooded and pasture land lay out before us.  Trotting a bit to work on getting this big mare legged up; we were getting close to the obstacles that live in the woods.  My mare has never been exposed to this being that lives in the woods.  So when it announced its arrival by a loud braying, the White Queen was startled and stopped to see what it was that made that kind of sound.  The brayer came with some side-kicks, looked like an Arabian and a Appaloosa.  They were snug to the barbed wire fence checking us out.  Funny, they live in the woods.  So there they were woods horses and a donkey; interesting what you find in the Kentucky forest.

We traveled beyond this distraction and did some more hacking.  I practiced the two point position.  The White Queen has such a nice gait she’s easy on the body.  Slowing down to go into the rocky area where the stream goes through, we stopped to let my companion’s mare drink.  She was slurping away. Uncommon to me; I can’t remember when I had a horse actually drink from a stream. I’ve had them play in water and actually try to lie down, but not drink.  My mare acted interested in drinking too, so both mares participated in a drink in the limestone lined creek bed.

Traversing up a long loping hill, the White Queen was walking slowly and deliberately.  Maybe I’m not giving her the correct cues.  Who knows we’re still trying out each other.  Across the surprisingly green grass of the winter fields where the cattle were living last fall, we continued our little circular trip on Oregon road.  Refreshed and in love with this horse, I spied the Hellion waiting for us at the corner of the fence.  If she could take it down a couple notches she’d be my riding companion.  But alas, she’s fun for an occasional ride. A hearty whinny from the Hellion was answered by the White Queen.  All is good on Oregon Road according to the two mares that live there. I agree.