A Golden Egg

The side kick to the White Queen went for a trail ride today.

I was invited to join a group of women who ride on a cattle farm so I chose  to ride Reno (my husband’s horse) who has plenty of experience with cattle, while the White Queen doesn’t.

Armed with plenty of soap, a huge sponge and thinning shears and I got to work on the 14.2 hand sorrel QH gelding. I’m not saying I’m going to criticize my husband for not taking care of his horses mane and tail, but I don’t like a rats nest trailing behind the horse while we’re riding the trails.  So, washing and picking out the various and sundry bits and pieces of flotsam this poor horse has had attached to his rear compartment. I finally got him bathed and spiffed up and ready to load in the trailer.

I met up right on the minute 10:15 it was, to pick up my friend Kaye at her farm Airy Mount.  Then off we went to meet up with the rest of the crew. Set to ride over a 1,000 acre cattle farm in Versailles, KY we had plenty of water for the high 80 degree weather.  My new friends had a variety of horses all decked out in their English tack.  Me, I had some English tack, but not the saddle. Reno is a wide load, and my GP English saddle is made to fit the White Queen who has withers.  So I used the Crates saddle which is a western saddle. A mix yes, but it worked. Everybody geared and mounted up and off we went.

Up and over the grass fields we were soon down in the cooler creek bed. Going from side to side and sometimes walking down the creek swollen still from the recent rains it was gorgeous with the water falling over the rock shelves.  Everyone had an enjoyable ride, even more memorable by a couple incidents; one a heifer who took off after Reno out in the huge pasture. Reno was nonplussed about this, and removed himself from her line of fire.  My urging wasn’t really needed; he knew we needed to find a new place other than in the cow’s path.  You know cattle are rank when they have their heads up high like those fighting bulls in Spain and this black cow with a white face was high and mighty.  Exit stage forward.  And two, not really an incident, but the first winning jockey at Keeneland showed us her winning form when she galloped her mount in a wide swath in a huge field while we all watched.

What a pleasure to find such wonderful people who share your passion. Oh and Reno is  worth his weight in gold, he’s a good egg this horse I rode for my day of pleasure in Versailles, Kentucky.