An Eye for An Eye

My Jack Russell Terrier is old and infirm. She’s weathered some pretty serious health issues but is still strong although bent from the effects of time. She doesn’t see very well from one eye and the other one she’s totally blind. She doesn’t hear very well either so I’m always vigilant when I let her out during the day. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard of old dogs wandering off and getting lost – forever.

A few weeks back she must of scratched her eye on some weeds in a field we were hiking through. I didn’t think much of it while we were out and walking but it made sense when she came up with a sore eye the next day. Our pastures are clean shaven without errant stalks of rough weeds so it’s fairly safe for a dog that can’t see very well anymore. But not so in a weedy field.

I called my vet and he prescribed some ointment to treat her eye.  Her eye infection got better but after a week or so I noticed her eye didn’t look quite right. So back to the vet to check on her again. I was apprised of a worst case scenario where she’d loose her eye if we didn’t get the elevated pressure down. I learned on the follow up appointment that the pressure had quadrupled that the best thing to do for her was to remove the eye as the veterinarian suggested. She had surgery the same day. I left her at the clinic and walked out to my truck empty handed. Old dogs are troublesome as patients. But I was confident in her doctor, so I tried to quell my worrying.

Once home and she wasn’t there I tried to busy myself in the studio as I waited for the phone call.  And held my breath. I wanted to blurt out “is she alive?” but held my breath while he told me it went well, she was recovering and in fact he could hear her barking. Relieved  I finished up some work I was doing while I waited until the time they wanted me to pick her up. I drove back into town to scoop her up and bring her back home where she belongs. At the moment she’s snuggled next to me with her cone on her head and a full belly from her dinner. She’s been with me for 16 years. I don’t care if she’s been bent here and there and missing a part or two, I’ll take care of her in her old age,  she never left my side of me when I needed her the most. Bless the creatures we love dearly for they make us more human by their presence. I love you Vivid.