An Old Design Resurrected

Colossus of Rhodes

I have an ink drawing that I’ve kept in a portfolio for years. It’s probably 28 years old. At the time I was working a series of pieces identifying man’s relationship with horses. I’ve thought of that drawing on many occasions through the years but I’ve kept it hidden. I probably wasn’t ready to address such a deep and vast idea. But on the merits of my¬† recent¬† collective works they have given me the courage to go back to it with the skills I’ll need to pull it off.

I’m not predicting that this sculpture will be the size of the Colossus of Rhodes, but it will be big. First I’ll start with a 1/4 to scale clay rendition. The first horse I’ll create is the horse as man discovered it. Laid hands on it. And the seminal moment of man’s touch and desire to control for our own means. There will be a place for this monument to Horse and Man.

Much of this business of art is identifying a idea and in the realm of sculpture finding a method of getting it cast in bronze. That means money. So as I create this piece I’ll be working on the funding. Wearing two hats isn’t always easy but I feel this is a very important idea and speaks to the importance of the horse in human development.

This won’t be just the war horse or a footnote in history, but it will address the whole of our relationship. I refuse to attach it to a current event or a group of people who will fund such a statue to benefit their own charity. I’m not so interested in vested interests. This is a bigger story.

It will be gorgeous. So off I go . . . .