Artist – Horse Breeder

Most people who are familiar with my art don’t know I’ve been a lifelong devotee to breeding horses. So when I was sent a photograph of a colt by my stallion GTF Maker’s Mark, I thought I’d share what I think is a good colt who I think fits my idea of excellence when breeding dynamic moving horses.

I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride when I became aware of this foal by my stallion GTF Maker’s Mark who was bred in Holland by Marcel Ritsma. The wonders of modern technology via frozen semen combined with a master breeder Marcel and this is a result of their efforts. This colt is proof that a lifetime of breeding horses at Good Thunder Farms here in the United States was worth the effort. It tickles me to have folks who are at the top of their game in their breed in this instance the KWPN DHH chose to breed their good mares to my stallion who is a home bred Hackney Horse.

My daughter Nicole, (who has taken over the reins in breeding Hackneys at Good Thunder Farms) and I were thrilled when Mark was approved for breeding in the DHH registry in Holland. I’ve always been a firm proponent of very selective breeding for a well thought out result. Numbers have never been my goal, quality and excellence has been my mantra. And now Nicole’s taken these lessons and is getting excellent results. I wish her all the best.

Love this black colt all trimmed in white.

GTF Maker’s Mark Foal