Bad Clay

You’d think clay is an inert thing, it stays the same color, consistency and weight. Not so. Made up of clay and wax along with a touch of motor oil to make it sticky. It does gather up all impurities from the act of creating a sculpture. So, often I warm it up until it’s liquid and strain it. I have a huge amount of clay that has been stored in big 50 gallon metal trash cans. Some of it has gravel in it where the big hunks of clay were dropped in the driveway when we moved it from Wisconsin. Other clay sent back to me from the foundry has molding rubber throughout it. Again, heat and strain. This clay is better each time it’s warmed up. The virgin clay that comes in 50 pound boxes is nice but to me it feels too perfect to me. So after taking apart a clay model I create another sculpture from the bad clay. Out of clay and wire another sculpture appears. I like that.