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Barbaro – America’s Horse in Bronze

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BARBARO – America’s Horse in Bronze is a tribute to the legacy of our connection with horses.  This book features Alexa King’s amazing sculpture of Barbaro.

A lifetime of study of the horse has perfectly prepared Alexa for the biggest challenge of her career as an equine artist. This is a story that comes directly from Alexa’s heart, pen and hand as she relates her personal journey of discovery on these pages. Her artistic quest culminates with the daring and artistically challenging depiction of Barbaro running with all four feet off the ground. She’ll walk you through the steps she took to accomplish this artistic and engineering feat. You’ll hear in Alexa’s own words and drawings how she accomplished this monumental task.

Barbaro’s deeply moving story brought to Alexa’s hands the essence of what Barbaro was to all of us.  Alexa shares the stories of the people intimately involved with Barbaro during his life and the racing enthusiasts who were passionate about how their lives had been enriched by Barbaro’s will to live. She discovered a deep and abiding universal love for the horse at every turn which was a humbling yet exciting opportunity as an artist. Most importantly this is the story of the creation of the portrait of America’s horse – Barbaro.