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Between a Rock and Hard Spot

We wrestled rocks and clay as we banged thirty posts into a undulating line of white tipped steel posts. No horse or four legged farm animal would want to venture close to the edge of the river with a vertical drop of at least 250 feet to the river below. But, we  need to corral them in with a hot wire line for our peace of mind.

Art is probably going to be quiet for a week until the Barbaro documentary people show up on the 4th of December.  I’m going to use the time well until then. Lots of clay armatures need to get up and be stationary on their stands. This isn’t the glamorous part of art making but a necessity.

I welcome the family and friends coming in for good food and conversation for Thanksgiving. The New York Times had some good ideas for interesting harvest dishes.  I think I’ll make the Indian pudding.