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Big Blue

A big blue dump truck showed up just as I was feeding the horses along the fence row across the street.  My Saddlebred mare needs the groceries and a turn out rug, the other two; my neighbor so succinctly called fat and fatter, don’t need grain nor rugs.  They’re rugs themselves and fluffy too.

I jumped in my truck after I unhooked all the horses from their tethers.   He was waiting for me at the end of the drive.  We discussed it a bit.  Since it was drizzling , he felt is was risky to drive the dump truck across the field.  He told me that it would cost 4 to 500 dollars to have a wrecker get him out of the field if he got stuck.  We decided to drop it on the left side of the roundabout in front of the cabin. Off it slid from the dump truck. 24 tons.

Now the Bob Cat gets a workout.