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Blessing the Hounds

Shaker Village

An early and frosty morning seven of us left for Shaker Village to watch the blessing of the hounds. This was our first anniversary of our move to Kentucky. A lot has happened in a year but doesn’t it always. I guess that’s why we celebrate milestones in our lives.

We were anxious to get to the event ahead of time so we could see the field as it arrived. I saw a few friends I’ve made with the foxhunting crowd. It was fun seeing them, but I didn’t like not being on a horse. I’m working on that.

After witnessing the blessing, we then made our way to the vehicles and started off to Louisville to Churchill Downs. The rest of the day we’d enjoy the last day of the Fall Meet. It was warm and sunny. We felt like lizards sunning ourselves in the late fall sun. I even won some money on a bet on the sixth race, #1.

Before the Blessing

We finished the day in Lexington with dinner at Malone’s. All in all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Woodford Hounds
Blessing of the Hounds
Gray Horse
Two Year-Olds
Scottish Highland Steer