Process of Making a Bronze Sculpture

Artist Alexa King's "Steeple Chase"
Clay Model at studio in process


Artist Alexa King's "Steeple Chase"
Clay model molding


Tom Clark and Chris Andrews Pouring Wax
Pouring the wax into the mold


Tom Clarke Brushing Wax
Brushing the wax into the base mold


Care Ekpo Chasing Wax
Wax chasing for defects


Alexa King's "Steeple Chase" Wax Sections
Wax Sections


Sprued Wax section
Spruing waxes


Sprued Wax Section
Sprued wax section


Michael nolte and Rigoberto Cruz Dipping Shell Molds
Dipping Waxes in Ceramic Shell Slurry


Removing Ceramic Shell from Kiln
Removing Ceramic Shell from Kiln


Pouring Molten Bronze
Pouring Bronze into Ceramic Shell


Devesting Bronze Castings
Removing Ceramic Shell from Bronze


Welding Alexa King's "Steeple Chase"
Fitting and Welding Bronze Sections


Chris Andrews Metal Finishing Alex King's "Steeple Chase" Base
Metal Finishing Base


Michael Nolte Welds Alexa King's "Steeple Chase"
Welding Horse to Base


Michael Nolte Patinas Alexa King's "Steeple Chase"
Applying Patina


Alexa King's "Steeple Chase"
Finished Sculpture