Cheat Sheets

After scrounging around my studio for a couple hours I couldn’t locate my horse anatomy book. I wanted to spot check my sculpture and it’s been nothing but  an exercise in I can’t find it. It’s gone, the unsoiled, un-clayed and fresh to look at pages of the newer copy was loaned out to a foundry to help the staff understand my horse legs ears, etc. They didn’t return it so I’ve been foraging around trying to find my torn up and very dirty copy; haven’t found that one either. So, I’ve gone to the internet and I’ve found images people have been pinching and uploading to the internet. Here is an example of my one of my cheat sheets.

My horses cooperate to a point on letting me look at them in a bone and meaty way, but it’s very hard to take photos of their legs and not settle for the flat images they want to be to the viewer. Besides a living horse is much better to look at than a photograph but then again a horse doesn’t hold a trotting position frozen for posterity and ready at any time for me to check my interpretation.

This past week I needed to attend to the many other commissions I have to create and it was perfect timing right now for the big horse to let it cure a bit and give my eye a rest. Cooling it down and let me be a little detached so I can fix the mistakes and look for a new perspective in its lines and surfaces. It’s lumpy in all the wrong places right now, but that’s because it has many layers applied at different temperatures hence, lumpy and bumpy. I’m letting it settle a bit. Sanding it in some areas about a week ago those spots are holding their shape, so this week I’ll be sanding it for the final time and then I’m onto the next step, applying clay; glorious clay.

But before the pristine clay I’ll apply a sealer to fill and hold all the foam bits and pieces. I admit I hate getting foam all over me so I’m anxious to get on with it. But I also know, I can’t rush the process because it will mean adjusting and adding and subtracting and adding a lot of weight to the model when I’d rather it wouldn’t weigh so much (harder to move around). I have huge trash cans full of Classic Clay which will be wheeled out and let the sun warm it up before I bring in hunks for the big horse. I’ll be adding the energy and verve the piece require to work. I can’t wait to see what it will look like when “expression” is an integral part of the sculpture.