Chocolate Horse


I heated the clay in a hot water bath until it’s soft so I can easily apply it to the foam manikin. I started with his head and worked back to his tail. It’s always tricky to work on a horse’s head first and give the animal it’s character or expression. So, I need to be careful not to get stuck on the head and will cover it with a cloth if it starts to control the direction I’m going with the clay application. His ears were facing forward but I decided to twist the off side ear back so I have to fix it’s base attachment. I’m still cutting into areas of the sculpture that need removed and then I put clay on the raw foam. Not too much, it doesn’t like to stick but it will in small areas. The first seals it and fills the pits and areas that were worrisome to smooth out. This goes quickly as all I need is a skim coat of clay to cover the foam.