Clear Path to Grass

Yesterday it was cool and dry. A great day to finish up a whole farm mowing. Horses were out in the pasture casually regarding my progress around the fields while keeping their distance. I maneuvered through each field without hopping off the tractor much like a horse trained to sidle up to the gate. I opened and went through each gate, a side pass or two to accomplish the deed. A huge walnut tree had recently been felled along the lane dead for a year at least. The road crew did an excellent job cleaning up the bark and small branches so I could mow easily along the path of grass following the road. Grass growing has slowed down with the summer heat. But the weeds are going full bore with the pause of the grass. Hacking them off is a pleasure I didn’t think I’d enjoy as a mowerist on my little farm path. Happy fourth to all, it was beautiful here in Nonesuch Kentucky.


IMG_0685 (2)