Crown Jewel

I’ve been working on a design for a colossal sculpture featuring five monumental horses and human figures. This concept has been hidden  in a portfolio for thirty plus years.  I brought out the ink drawings  in preparation for a meeting with a world renowned set designer who has created the sets for such movies as Ghostbuster’s, Top Gun and many others.  As we were going over a concept for a large statue project  at lunch I listened intently as to what they needed from me.  Once the conversation came around to what I could offer them, I pounced on the opportunity to offer up the concept I’ve had kept in my portfolio for years.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and I was talking to someone who had worked with Disney.  As I unfurled the concept  it was met with a thunderclap of positive input. I sensed the responsiveness to my idea with a designer was only the tip of the iceberg and my sculpture would reach a wide audience seeking an iconic image which would give voice to their thoughts and feelings about the horse and our relationship with him.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours so far on the design concept, fabrication of such a statue and the likely places it would be installed.  The perfect moment has materialized and the perfect statue will seize that moment.  I’ll be revealing details about this statue as the project evolves.