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Dark and Dank But Promising

Yesterday we toured the property next door that will soon be ours.

I took lots of photos to document the condition as it stands. Since we’re working with an “as is” state of repair, I’m sure there’s going to be a series of discoveries as we pull up rotten boards and repair leaks in the plumbing and roof. We would certainly hate to tear down the building since it’s a circa1 1760 structure. It was originally located in the country south of us and moved to Woodford County. It has a charm that is palpable when you walk in to its vaulted main room.

The steel building to the west of the house was next on the photo tour. I’d like to put in big glass doors and windows to give the space a view out the back towards the river since it sits in such a lovely spot.

There’s a walnut grove behind my studio which backs up to the river. A sink hole (we suspect since they commonly fill them in with dirt and debris) is just in front of the walnut grove. We’ve been told it holds water on occasion although with the amount of rain we’ve had this summer, I haven’t seen that event.  If we line the bottom hopefully a pond will appear in due time.  There’s another sink hole in the woods behind the studio.  It has very old car engines in it, (they look like engine blocks for a model T but I’m not sure yet). Not sure what else is in the hole, we are waiting until we have the time and it’s a bit drier before we climb down in it to take a look.