Down the Lane

I went on an hour and half ride on the White Queen down the lane to lock six on Oregon Road and back.  Only two cars came up to us and the Queen handled it fine.  It was fun looking through the woods without the leaves from atop a 16.3 hand horse.  Things I’ve missed I can now account for and things I didn’t know about I’ve discovered.  The river was a blue green this January day.  With plenty of sunshine and no wind it was an enjoyable walk and jog on the lane.

The hellion was left back in the pasture and she made haste with her walking and trotting along the fence row.  There won’t be any grass along her footpath for sure.  She was curly from sweat when we got back although as we walked along the front of the pasture there was only one greeting nicker from the White Queen.  She had her former best buddy with her (Toasty) so her presence must have sufficed for company.

I dismounted in the middle of the road, dead end roads are a luxury to me although we’ve had two different questions when we have visitors to the farm.  How did you find this place; translated to mean, it’s so far out in the giggle weeds.  Or, how did you find this place; translated to wow this is really neat!  Inflection is everything.  I love it here although it’s taken some time to weed out the urban in me because I had lived in town for about ten years after my divorce.  My ex got the farm; I got nothing tangible except for my freedom.

I brushed the White Queen, the groom in me from years past.  Never put a horse up with bridle marks or saddle marks even if they’re very hairy and rather field dirty.  Put her blanket back on her and let her loose to graze on the grass. A neighbor on the road commented when we rode by that the White Queen is a beautiful horse.  People do appreciate a object of beauty and in this case it’s a gray Hanoverian mare.