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Drawing Horses

I’ve been working on several concepts for a new piece.  Black pencils, an Exacto knife, a big cheap rubber eraser and a drawing board are the tools I use for drawing the horses.  The large sheets of paper have been taken from the drawing pad when I packed to leave Denver.  It was folded over and stuffed into my bag.  This means there’s a soft crease down the center of each sheet.  This is easily ironed out with a hot iron.  Too much heat though and it wrinkles.

I drew the horses over and over again. Moving the foal in front of the mare on a separate sheet of paper until the figures are working together like a mare and foal would in life. Photos are nice to have for reference but they really are skewed as to the size of a head on a horse if it’s coming at you. So, I adjusted that.

This drawing done, I went to the second concept; a mare and foal walking down a lane with the grooms.  This piece has been in my head for sometime.  I hired a photographer to take the shots of the mare and foal so I could observe the action of the characters in this little story.  Also, he is much more skilled at taking lots of good photos while I can chat with the farm manager about the horses in front of me.

It was hot July and the mare was sleek and gleaming.  The foal wasn’t, he sported quite a pelt of fluffy fur. Although his head was shed off to a darker color. I love baby foals. This one is exceptional. Bold and full of life he’s quite a youngster.  His dam is gorgeous.  The farm manager commented on her quality.  I asked if she had a race record, he told me she’s a stakes winner.  I’m impressed by this family of horses. I hope to catch this in their portrait.

I sent the drawings off with a description of what the art work would look like when done.  It’s quite a leap of faith my clients have to make for an artwork that is finished from a white sheet of layout paper and some pencil marks.  If these drawings don’t speak to the client, I’ll make some more, I have plenty of ideas besides these first two.