Friday Day

Friday morning dump truck here first thing to drop gravel. Did a walk about for which trees get the axe, figured out how we’ll reveal the old rock wall, made a plan and pushed onward with no return; driveway re-graveled (is that a word?), septic guys here to fix concrete cover, health department okayed the fields, sucker trees and underbrush knocked down with mini bulldozer, love those things, log house garden weeded and raked ready for flowers to bloom, two pick up loads of mulch applied to pertinent areas of gardens, bird seed in feeders, a pick up load of candy hay picked up and delivered (I would have it delivered but love the drive and the throwing and stacking), two roll bales delivered, Reno nickered for his hay, gambled about and bucked, thrilled that his snack bar has been delivered to his house, three horses let out to graze for the afternoon, dropped their heads and ate, ate, ate, water tanks filled, foam horse looks like a war horse right now, big crest with bamboo sticks poking out of his neck, answered project emails, plucked hair off one two toned horse (Appaloosa), noticed five white hair patches in the pen from Dora back-rubbing on ground, puppy accompanied the barn chores, later dropped tools and went to movie and dinner. Life is good.