Good Green Grass in My Field

As I wheel my little yard mower around and around to catch the weeds and such that the big mower can’t, my mind wanders. I’ve been trying to live in the moment and not start going over a list of things I need to do like; get that stick picked up, why does the shed look like it’s leaning, I better bring my level with me the next time to discount what my eye is telling me, the mistletoes looks so green and round hanging from my big tree next to the road, is that how it’s spelled for more than one? The water tank looks like it needs topped off and the leaves fished out, the fences need painted where we replaced the rotten boards, I keep forgetting to call my fence man, the weeds I nuked are dying just like I wanted, how many bags of insulation can I cram into my Passat wagon? Do I want interior wood siding instead of drywall? If so what kind of wood? I can haul it from the saw mill myself in the horse trailer even though its an hour drive from here. Why are the hens not laying yet? The horses are plump even though they’ve been taken off the good grass field, I guess feeding them round bales is a bit like going to the All You Can Eat Buffet, I just showered and now I’m mowing the paddock with horse manure flying everywhere, if I just go by it the right direction I can send it into the run-in and then it will be easier to clean, my painting needs a bit more work before I sign it, I don’t really like the oil paints I ordered, they dry too quick, novel thought for oil paint, I like the Venetian Red gesso I special ordered, the YouTube video on Florentine artist’s techniques were true since I saw the Uffizi paintings on loan to the UW Madison Art Museum and it does lend itself to both impasto and thin oil washes, I’m going to try to open the gate again without getting off the mower, I need to practice like doing a side-pass with my horse and leaning in to open the gate. That worked, bump the gate with the front wheel and hold the chain to keep the gate from letting go and hitting the fence as it swings open.¬† I hope the tractor’s air filter doesn’t get clogged with all this dust I’m stirring up, it’s starting to rain, I better hurry, I’m going to let the herd out into the metal building yard, nice grass in there but a horse trailer and propane tank is sitting next to the building, hope no one gets hurt, I remember a horse long ago getting half his shoulder shredded by a fence post and a bunch of dry lot shenanigans, I’ve got to put the pallets down before we put hay in the building for the winter, it’s now starting to spit rain, better get back to the house and wash off the tractor before I put it in the barn, got a new commission to start designing, this will be fun, a hairy big dog, my hairy Aubrey is nice and clean from his bath, I need to brush him out when I get back although I like him curly and as I turn off the tractor and hop off I make a promise to myself again that I’m not going to make a list of things to do while mowing. Next time just allow three things I have to do or think about. Live for the moment¬† and the good green grass.