Hands on Fire

A full day in the studio.  I put two more sculptures in clay.  One is a bust of WC Nurse Goodbody.  The second is the main figure of three dog figures who are drinking from a stone bowl.  The two puppies will come next but I have to set the bowl too which is a major element in the tableau.  The dog bust I’ll be starting next week is Betty Hancock.  A very beautiful black lab bitch of Claiborne fame.

Once the concepts are in clay then I’ll take down each one from it’s perch in the studio and finish the model.  Easier said than done.  The tempting part is doing it and the tough part is finishing the model.

The big bin of clay is frozen solid in the big studio storage building.  I’ll have to use some strong hands to pry it out of the container. Hrmmmph.