Hard Landing

The old adage what goes up must come down was in full effect on Sunday afternoon.  Riding along the Kentucky River on Sunday afternoon with my family we were all enjoying the gorgeous warm spring afternoon. We knew there was a mission when we left; we would ride in the direction were the neighbors steers might be found.  They were  in a deep dry creek in the woods along the Ready’s farm.  The decision was made to help push the steers back towards the hole in the fence instead of waiting for the professional cattle wranglers.  A bunch of City Slickers for sure. As we were maneuvering the horses in a broad line, my horse and others were becoming agitated from the crashing and twig snapping as the 25 steers made their way through the low brush.  Next thing I knew, my horse had decided it was too much and she wheeled and became airborne.  I subsequently became airborne with her but at some point we parted ways.  I don’t know when that exactly happened because it all happened so quickly. I hit the ground unceremoniously and that was that. I haven’t been punted off a horse for a very long time.  A bruised ego along with a  sore back that met the ground with a thump. My riding compatriots gathered up the White Queen who was very surprised that I wasn’t still on her back.  The long walk back to the farm was probably 2 miles.  Probably a good thing to walk it off.  Sore and on the mend I should be back in the saddle soon.