Horse Elements

The younger of  two beauties now resides in the field next to my house.  The sweet one showed up awhile ago in a drenching rain all dressed up for a party, high heeled shoes and all. Siren red with a braided long and luxurious blond tail and mane she was freshly clipped and sparkling clean.  But certainly not prepared for her new life stretched out before her living in the horse elements.

Abruptly turned out without much to do about her party clothes, she quickly cooled off from the 96 degree heat and a sweaty ride in the horse van when the rain came down on both of us.   No place to hide she was let loose with the herd.  Running to join the knot of red and white and brown forms she was chased off into a corner of the pasture.  Kicking up her gorgeous heels when the herd split and the red protector rushed out to run her off; it was a melee.  Not able to quiet the protector in his own red wrapper by threatening him with a thorough trouncing, they had me outnumbered.  And I was going to get run over by his protectionism.

I rescued the red beauty and placed her in the adjoining pasture with the dark beauty.  This made for an entirely different scenario.   I knew he was attached to the White Queen but it was very apparent after I removed the dark beauty and paired her up with the new girl. I removed the source of aggravation and the White Queen followed close by.

Things quieted down quickly although I had several days of worry for the young beauties acclamation to outdoors and fresh air and sunshine.  She was bewildered to say the least, and attached herself to the fence line maybe to remind herself of the wall of her stall.  I really felt sorry for her plight.  Gorgeous and all she was out of her element.  Or was she? Maybe it was my perception of pampered and lovely. Clean, every hair in place, feet manicured and squeezed into high heels, this is our perception of beauty?  Or is it our desire to possess their very essence, the beauty of them that is enhanced by our artificial means?

Today the two beauties move together, their bodies are the same shape and their movement reflected in each others  shadow. They are quite beautiful. The dark one is sun burnt and the red one has finally gotten a full measure of the changing environment around her.  Sun and vitamin B and green grass, and yes she’s had her tail shortened and the braids unwrapped. She’s wearing a fly mask and her feet are short and unshod.  They both trot up to me when I feed in the morning and night.  They let me scratch their necks and check them for any problems.  And they take the carrots hungrily, each standing near me while I reach across the fence to hand them their their treats.

I think the red beauty is doing just fine.