Hot Fingers

I’ve been working in the log house studio.  The space isn’t finished yet but it’s getting there. My workshop/studio needs extensive remodeling. I’ve got to make decisions on the addition and where the windows will work the best plus moving a wall or two.  The apartment upstairs is unfinished.

The new bathroom in the log house needs tiled. One more coat of what I call Keeneland green/gray on the kitchen cabinets and the trim.  Carpet will be last.   The big room with the heritage square hewn logs and white chinking is to my liking .  The high class mares reside outside on each side of the cabin. They look my way on occasion when they see me in the windows.

No log cabin would be complete without a fireplace. This one has a large limestone fireplace which comes in handy on a cold winter afternoon.  I bring in some logs and start a fire.  Next I turn on the oven with the water bath; first 350 degrees then turn it down to 120-130 degrees.  The clay will be in a good stead after about 30 minutes.  I don’t want it to get too warm because it will liquefy.  I’m looking for soft clay to the hand but not so warm it burns my hands. I could put it on a timer, I know of two foundries that burnt down from the water bath overheating the wax based clay.

Today I set up the World Champion Park Saddle Morgan portrait armature on the modeling stand.  Up and trotting, it’s exactly where I’d like it to be.  He’s a very high class horse and his portrait needs to reflect this.  Next I’ll set up the three dog portrait.