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How to Describe an Artwork

It occurred to me the other day while I was on the phone explaining the difference in the two pieces.  One is bigger than the other just wasn’t going to work.  Each has different dimensions than the other. But an inch or so isn’t the way to describe one against the other.  I had to get a descriptive title for the artworks.

I finally found an easy solution to my dilemma. I realized mini-me, the big one, or the littler one wasn’t going to work. I was getting frustrated with not having a moniker for both sculptures. Especially when I was trying to describe the difference between the two pieces when they’re both replicas of the 1.25 life size sculpture of Barbaro.

I tried on the Latin translation for big and small. But magnus (big) vs mirus (small puny) just wasn’t going to work. So this is it: the smaller version is the Tabletop Edition and the larger of the two is the Corporate Edition. Tabletop as related to your table in your house, desk, library shelf, or an actual cube box made especially for your home. Corporate means a sculpture that fits a bigger table, bigger desk, bigger library or spot where an impressive presentation is needed to fill the space.