I Miss Snow


I miss snow. It doesn’t snow in Kentucky very often. Here on the river we have ice fog which is gorgeous in the morning when the sun hits it, but treacherous in the evening when the light is dim and the fog dense.

Once last year there was enough snow on the roads to muffle the sound of the tires on the road. I loved the quiet as I wheeled my way home up and over the quick hills along the windy road to my house. I noticed other folks going too slow on the road. I knew they’d have a difficult time driving home without skidding sideways, the momentum to navigate the snow covered roads left on their gas petal. I avoided their hesitant attempts to traverse the hills and valleys and went the long way home. No one was on the road which was good.

My truck doesn’t have four wheel drive. It’s a very heavy truck. I tempted it to stay on the road by keeping it even keeled on the middle of the narrow road. I  followed the top of the highest point of the road the entire way to my house.

Up north a good layer of fresh snow on a road doesn’t always mean it’s slick. It has a matte sticky feeling when driving so if you keep moving, not too fast and not too slow you move along like a barge. Not the best steering but can be accomplished if you’re patient when you arrive at your driveway and don’t abruptly turn into the driveway.

I arrived at my destination and slowly turned the truck towards the turn and quietly and carefully I came to a halt in the driveway silently slipping onto my little farm in the country. Maybe there will be a snowfall again this winter in Kentucky.