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Just Another Day

It’s making a difference this cleaning up.  We’ve mopped and cleaned and carried trash out of the building and put it in the truck. I’ve become pretty familiar with the people at the recycling center.  It’s not quite like the old days when we went to the dump in Rutland, Wisconsin.  But then again those were the old days when the fellow at the gate watched you unload everything and then he’d sort it and set aside all of the things he could sell. I twisted my knee when I jumped off the back of the truck tailgate.

Bleach cuts the mold which is everywhere in the building.   Old dirt has gathered everywhere so it’s been swept and blown out with all the windows and doors left open.  The exhibition stands have mold on the inside, it’s been too wet this year for anything stored in a barn.  So, the cleaning continues.

We’ve laid out all of the fencing for the farm but left out a gate near the blue house ,so this had to be addressed this morning before I left.  We have 80 holes that are rock. An additional $2,400.00. Little as it is, we’re trying to make sure we have adequate facilities to care for three or four horses.  Down around the house, down around the art studio and a loop from the road towards the river.  This will give the two properties a sense of oneness.

The run-in is up and the sides nailed in and ready to cut the long boards along the top.  It looks out towards the river, the studio and off to the east towards the log house.  Poplar and oak it’s sturdy and simple.  Enough room for four stalls 12 by 12 if I decide to make it a shed row. But for now we’re going to close in one end stall for the feeding station for the saddlebred mare who needs the feed.  The other two horses don’t need the grain, they’re overweight. I used to have enclosed barns with doors on each end.  This barn is three sided and will shelter the horses from the wind, sun and ice. I’m grateful to have found someone who can build us what we need before the snow flies.

I went to Louisville to measure three of my clients favorite horses.  It was a lovely experience measuring with my dressmaker’s tape all the angles and lengths and sizes of these three wonderful horses. These horses caretaker was careful to have the horses in excellent shape and polished up for my evaluation.  I told my client that I wanted to include him in his stallion’s sculpture.  He winced when I said that, but I pressed the issue by explaining that he wouldn’t be seen but would be evident in the manner of the horses stance.  He liked my idea.

I got back here to check out the progress of the building and fencing. And then loaded the truck with clay models and took them down to the studio. A lion, Hammerkops, an elk, a horse, and “One Trick Pony” were installed along the shelf in the storage room. We put the final exhibition stand in the hallway and shut the doors. I had picked up a gallon of paint to re-paint the stands.  A fresh coat of paint fixes everything.

We were invited to dinner at our neighbors house.  I fed the horses before picking up Eric and going across the street. The horse’s were wondering where the heck I’d been that day, but did come up from the sink hole which is out of the wind and waited for their evening grain. A fellow from Russia was one of the guests.  We talked of politics, food, Kentucky and horses.  A wonderful evening enveloped us when we walked out on the deck to our car.  When you live in the country the stars are bright above us. It’s a peaceable kingdom.