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Just before we were expected at the foundry our car keys came up missing.  We turned the hotel room inside out. After about 45 minutes of searching I found them in a crevice behind the headboard. Must of been flipped in the air when the sheets and duvet came off in our search.  Little did we know at the time that later on in the day the key would become an issue again. Well not until after working at the foundry most of the day.

After dinner we found out we were stuck in a parking lot in Estes Park. It was the key issue again.  We couldn’t unlock the  rental car.  No key was handed to us at the car rental in Denver. A plastic thing with no metal key.   Long story short, we didn’t freeze, we made our plane the next morning, and thanks to locksmith in town we were able to get into the vehicle and re-set the electronic key system.  Probably won’t rent a Chrysler  again.