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A quick runaround early Sunday morning in Cheyenne proved to be futile; nothing on our walking trip was open, except for the churches. Quaint place though, wide streets for cows and drovers back in the day. We planned on driving up to Laramie if we had time. We did, so we left Cheyenne, but before we left “dodge” we stopped at the Air Force Museum.  They wouldn’t let us in without a military sponsor.  Both Eric and I are army brats; sadly both our dads are gone so there was no way they were going to let us in. Had a bit of a thrill with the thought of not turning around at the concrete bunkers and having the army guys in hot pursuit while we ran for it, we were hoping there was a missile silo tour . . .

At Laramie we took Hwy 130 up to Snowy Ridge which is about 12,000 plus feet.  Gorgeous alpine scenery.  Wind was howling so much that the keys in my hand went flying.  No problem though, we were on a crest of the mountain overlooking an alpine lake, so the keys flew but didn’t drop. Thank goodness they didn’t go off a cliff.  I’m quite familiar with cliffs, I live on one.

I had a telephone call I needed to take at 1:00 mountain time.  With no cell towers in sight we made our way back to Laramie our next stop the Geology department at University of Wyoming by noon. But not until we stopped and took pictures and hiked about.  Moving water is a favorite subject of mine.

There were herds of pronghorn antelope once we got down off the mountain. They were fairly close to the road and didn’t take off when I rolled down the window so I did get some pictures of them.  I’d like to make a sculpture of an antelope doe and her fawn. I saw one feeding while I was taking photographs. The fawn was on its knees suckling.

The University of Wyoming has terrific dinosaur bones according to the brochure I picked up at the motel. I had to see them.  What I didn’t know is they have a fantastic sculpture in front of the geology department, a Tyrannosaurus Rex made with hundreds of copper plates each pounded over a form that had the skin texture of a Rex. Made back in the 60’s it has the old style tail dragging the ground.  I loved it. It even had snapdragons planted around his feet.

Once we got back to Loveland I totally unpacked the clay model and reset it on it’s base.  It’s in good condition so all I needed to do was give it a quick wash with a slightly soapy water and rinse it off (it’s a wax based clay so it polishes up with water).