Last Mow


I fired up my lawn mower. It worked. Something I’m not always sure of these days. Beat up from the rocky soil and uneven ground I grind it over weekly, I don’t think it’s long for this grassy world. My weed-whacker worked too. Wonders of wonders. I have one that actually starts without repeated pulls. Cost a bit more but keeps my temper under control when I have to get some weeds tended to on this little animal grass farm. I’ve got the route down pat so off I went to the little cabin for a brush up before the new tenant shows up.

What a gorgeous day to work outside. I glanced over and noticed my horses were watching me intently. They usually get to go into the field close to my house when I’m working on the cabin yard. They came galloping around the far field heads up and intent on the gate being flung open. I didn’t. It was a surprise so they galloped on into the dry lots to visit the smorgasbord of hay lined up inside the run-in buildings. I agree with their horsey noses that grass would be a delicious alternative to the round bales tucked under the eaves.

I turned back to hacking down the garden that has died back. We’ll burn the pile later this week when it dries out. I worked my way back to the house and decided to give it a final cut too. I may be jumping the gun but I’m thinking unless I go after the grass again before the snow flies this feels like a farewell to the grass addiction I seem to have gotten when I moved to Kentucky.

I took the last bit of time to pull the tall flowers next to the door and stack them on the cobblestones on my walk. I have resisted doing this although they’ve become very ragged and most of the flowers long gone. But there are a few and I couldn’t do it until today. My lone hen came clucking over to my feet to investigate the opportunity of bugs brought out of the ground by my efforts.

It’s dark and although it’s the progression of summer into fall, I will miss the time spent outside in the warm and moist evenings. I won’t miss the unimaginable thicket of grass that I beat back most of the season.

Goodbye summer.