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Last of the Fence Posts

While we were pounding posts into the 6 to 8″ of top soil next to the river’s edge, there’s news of a winter storm rolling into the Midwest. We’re going to get rain first, maybe a spitting of snow later. With that in mind we’re hurrying to get our fencing finished up so the horses can be moved to the run in shed field if it turns into a major storm.  Things move slower than I’d like of course, that’s the way it is on a farm.

Back to the pounding of fence posts; we’ve gotten most of the 90+ steel posts in the line along the river edge. But there were approximately ten posts that weren’t going in no way no how.  We devised a method of checking the depth of soil and the rock shelf looming below.  I wonder if the fence guys used a metal skewer to check depth.

I’ve been looking at the pre-fab stall fronts for the end stall in the run-in.  I found the  plastic egg carton 24″ tiles that you install in the floor of the stall and then fill with rock dust. I had it years ago in a stall with a horse that would dig and it worked perfectly.