Leaping Horse

I’ve studied the movement of the leaping horse. And sketched sheets of horses with and without riders for a design depicting a famous horse. I love the rag layout paper I buy in big rolls. It allows me to make lots of drawings and cut and paste to my hearts desire. Learning the horse by drawing it over and over again prepares me for creating it in clay and wire. Each line finds a new beginning. This is my path of discovery.

I rode a leaping horse once, a famous jumper who won at the Chicago International Horse show back in the 70’s. I remember well how tall he was when I climbed up onto the saddle. His was an easy gait when we started our journey around the fences. He taught me not to be too relaxed while on his back because if I quit riding him and became a passive participant he would remind me it’s a team effort and he’d refuse a fence. This grand horse would lower himself to such a act to teach me about life. Either you’re in it or just a bystander.

So I join up with this famous leaping horse and apply his principals to my drawings. I’m in it, experiencing the moment, bringing it to life from the inside out.