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Lights Camera Action

Just before the photo shoot  my truck got stuck. I was across the street at my neighbor Laura’s farm. I had just met the fencing contractor who’s going to put the fence in  on my new property.  And after I jumped back in the truck, and put it in gear did it dawn on me, bad move Alexa. The field  by the pond is very steep.  Several attempts later trying to get traction on the slightly wet grass were futile. Thankfully she was able to push me with her  four-wheeled truck.  Or I would have been walking home. I guess my Texas truck doesn’t like Kentucky clay.

At 2:30 we scheduled the photo shoot. My friend Matt Wooley is a very talented photographer.  (His work can be seen at For my sculptures I need a pro who understands movement and horses. Matt’s a perfect choice.  While he unloaded and set up his gear, I polished the statue and added a bit of fresh wax to some areas of the surface. Any dust or bits of fluff would show so I had to get it really clean.

It’s a collaboration this art making.  It worked beautifully. We were trying to make a static thing, a cast piece of metal, look like a live, breathing and very fast animal running for our pleasure. Not only did I get what I wanted, but I got something I couldn’t predict. And from another artists view of my work . . . . through his lens. What a wonderful thing.