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Log Cabin, Board Fence and Shed Row

The major fencing is finished. We surrounded the log cabin and studio with four board fence. It looks fabulous. The shed row barn-shed is up and roofed. All the gates are hung.  Now the back fencing is going to be done by us, right now it will be tape fencing.  I just couldn’t swing fencing along the river edge with board fencing.  Maybe next year. We need some crushed limestone for the inside of the shed and the area in front of it.  Our fencing contractor found a rather large crevice in front of the studio with his heavy equipment so he suggested we drop some large stone in it to make it safe for the horses.

Our neighbor, who builds houses and remodels, is working on the log cabin. First thing first we had to get the hole in the roof fixed.  A chimney for the wood burning stove had been pulled out which kinked the flashing.  He tore out the entire thing and patched the roof with a piece of metal. He pulled all the rotten drywall from the ceiling and put mud on it. Next he built a set of sets on the back door so the first step wouldn’t be a three foot drop. From this we’ll continue with the fixes. My husband and I were the gophers, Lowe’s is going to be destination spot for us for a while I think.

We’ll be pulling out the orange carpet and continue with the dump runs.  I’m thinking of the big garden in front of the log cabin.

Oh and we decided on using the farm name; RIPARIOUS. Eric suggested this name before we moved here and we kicked it around until now.  Our neighbor told us this road in front of our place was a buffalo trace. They crossed where the landing area and the ferry was located years ago. I so wanted to use either buffalo or bison more correctly.  But we came back to our original idea. It’s not easy to say but I think we’re going with it.  Here’s the definition: from Latin riparius, of or belonging to the bank of a river.