Make Sell and Keep

I delivered the resin version of Barbaro to the Derby Museum yesterday afternoon. We call the process “Classic Bronze”, since the resin they use today is far superior to what was used in the past. It’s a beautiful sculpture. They were thrilled at the quality of the piece and declared it perfect for the collector looking for a reasonably priced sculpture of Barbaro.


We pulled out the stops in the presentation; a great casting company perfectly molded and cast the clay model, our custom patina was formulated and it is perfect, just what I wanted, thanks to Art Casting of Colorado and their generous sharing of the formula for a successful color, and the walnut base and brass plaque perfectly fits the size of the piece, all in all I’m very pleased. The sculpture will be sold for $595.00, very reasonable for a sculpture 11″ T by 17″ L.

The pre-cast sculptures have had brisk sales so anyone that was at the FOB party (where we previewed the piece  last Friday evening) or those that couldn’t attend please get your order in at the pre-cast price of $295.00. I won’t be able to honor that price after Wednesday of this week.

Outside the front doors the TV stations were taking down the cameras and chatting with John Asher after his interview while another television station truck had pulled up and was getting ready for filming. Great to talk with John for a minute, he’s a very busy man right now.  The sculpture of Barbaro had two large flower arrangements on it’s base, one red and one white. Lovely to see such mementos left to commemorate Barbaro’s legacy.

I moseyed back to Lexington via a huge antique mall on Goss Ave.  A treat for me after a rush to get the Barbaro piece finished and on view at the Museum. A huge exhibit of stuff people make, keep, sell and keep was on display. It all rolls along these objects we carry along in our lives. A feast for the eye, I walked slowly but resolutely through the booth spaces scanning for that special thing I might need or want. Selection is part of the process and I was open to a new find, but I did have a mission of sorts I was looking for that perfect settee for my porch. Found one piece that might qualify but it stood by itself, separated from it’s set, so I passed. Close but not quite what I wanted. Traffic and rain dictated I get on the road before the evening traffic bottled me up in my big diesel truck on the narrow downtown roads in Louisville.