Mud Pie

It’s raining cats and dogs.  The two fancy mares are muddy from the Hellion walking the fence line and tearing up the sod. Makes it hard to continue riding the White Queen when it’s so wet and slippery.

We’re closing in on getting the log cabin up to snuff.  Yesterday our guy handed the finishing  job over to the finish crew; Eric and me. Painting the ceiling white (Woodlawn Bedroom White, a National Trust for Historic Preservation color), it isn’t a very inspiring color .  But the chinking between the antique logs is white-white, while the logs had been stained a reddish brown.   The thought went through my head to return the logs to their gray color. But that is a huge job and maybe it’s best to leave it alone.   There’s lots of texture with the antique logs, chinking, limestone fireplace, huge beams overhead, and a high ceiling above the beams with rough cut trim. The white will make the cabin look larger with a simplification of the textures in the room.

I had a beautiful gray made up at the paint store (Frappe) put it on the trim around the window.  It didn’t work.  Woodlawn Snow goes in the bedroom and kitchen walls. I will try Frappe again on the cabinets which will be painted.   If all else fails, white on the cabinets.  All in all it’s brighter and cleaner.  And  I like the flat white on the ceiling, it reminds me of the white washed color on old furniture.