One Rider A Leaping

After asking the question; how I make the three riders and the vaulting horse plausible? I let the clay tell me. While I worked on the modeling of the horse I’ve found one answer.  Place one of the riders on the ground. Not rolled, or trampled, but preparing to leap onto the horses back.  These vaulters use a cadence of the horses stride to ready themselves for their leap onto the back of the horse.  In this case I need some feet on the ground to support the statue. Since it’s not going to be horses feet, it has to be human.  I have the horse in the proper frame to be a pack horse for the human figures so now I get to play around with the leaping rider. This  is the engineering part of this piece. The figure will hold up the entire statue. Now I’m off and cantering. Oh and the horse has morphed into my White Queen.  I knew I had her for a reason.