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Passport to History

I received the passport yesterday for the White Queen.  She’s a branded German imported Hanoverian.  Brand number 46. Her passport is bigger than mine. I guess it’s the difference in the size of the animal. I’m thrilled because sometimes in these situations the papers will slide away and you never realize the power of her history.  Now, I can research who she is and where she came from; this is something I really enjoy.

Beyond the passport the White Queen is doing well.  We didn’t realize how poor she was because she’s such a big framed horse.  She carried a wide frame but almost no muscling. We did the blood tests, fecal test, all her shots, floated her teeth twice, and treated her for worms with the Power Pack at the suggestion of my veterinarian. This has given her a boost because before that she was rather listless.

I’m a proponent of slow and easy.  We put a very famous stallion in good shape not by big hard trots but from a lovely slow jog in long lines. Not a walk, but close.  He became supple in the poll, rolled his shoulder and sat back on his hocks. So we’ve been walking this mare and will move on to the jogging in lines once she’s got enough energy to tolerate the work.

I had my trainer work her for a month to see how much she knows. She tested her in the ring, on the trail and hopped her over a couple fences. In the words of my trainer she’s fabulous! The buy of the century. True, now we know she’s well worth the effort but even as a good egg and trusted steed she’s exactly what I wanted. I’m done with the days of the shot out of the cannon type horses for my personal riding horses. I’ll climb on one just for fun, but not a day to day at the farm, just me and her type of horse this White Queen fits the bill perfectly.