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Puppy Pile in Paris

Off I went to Paris to meet with my client.  I’m sculpting several of her dogs so a visit was in order with the commission.  A sketchbook in hand and a few thumbnails to show her of my ideas for her dogs I drove through the gates of the farm.  She lives in a fabulous log house adorned with about ten dogs. Passing the fields lined with the very best the Thoroughbred horse has to offer, I wondered what it would be like to live there amongst the splendor of the Kentucky bluegrass.

Black, yellow and white and tan dogs greet me at the driveway to her house. Crunchy rock under foot was a sharp contrast to the velvet smooth emerald green of the grass surrounding her house. If I didn’t know it I’d think I was in Ireland. Once inside it’s a dogs paradise that greets me at the door. She doesn’t wait one minute to peer into my drawing book.  We’ve been working on this for a while so patient she has been in word, but action showed me she’s anxious to see what I’ve been up to, this while I’m being greeted by each and every one in her dog family.

Next on the menu was meeting the eight lab puppies. There were black ones, lots of black puppies, and two yellow ones. Four weeks old, they’re incredibly cute. Oh my. I sat on the stool and picked up puppies and played with them while watching them wrestle and gamble about. After the initial melee they got tired and settled down with a few yawns and a quiet nap. Next I met the mother to the puppies who I’ll be making a bust of; she’s a lovely black lab, she has an incredible head so this is going to be easy.

We adjourned to go to lunch in town.  She always takes me to lunch when I’m visiting,  a nice thing to do.

A long leisurely lunch with a good coffee at the end and we covered most of the mundane and interesting going on in our lives. She’s a great friend. Back at the farm we parted ways.  Next trip she’ll come here to see the progress on her Jack Russell family.