Quick Change Artist

Late in the evening I found I was pushing when I should be accepting the inevitable; the model needed major changes.  So, taking a big breath and a cutting tool, I removed the right front leg, straightened out the wire and used just the hoof for that part of the model.  I rebuilt that leg. I moved the right hind leg back, and rebuilt the hip area and the entire leg.  Didn’t have to cut off the leg and remake it, sometimes it’s just push and pull rather than destroying the sculpted area.  Next, I cut off the head. Sounds drastic, but since the horse is buckled up with side reins, I can’t work on the head to make sure everything is placed correctly. So off with the head. I placed it on a mound of clay to elevate it. I worked on it by sitting directly in front of it.  The clay was very warm so it was easy to do all the changes.  In the morning it won’t be because the studio cools down over the evening hours and makes the wax based clay harder; better for detail work with steel tools.  I put the head back on and adjusted the angle of the head as it attaches to the neck. The back pad is on, and the surcingle, and part of the bridle. Figures are next. Late night finished up the changes by 2 a.m. Sometimes my best work is done in the quiet after everyone is asleep.