Rain Resist

This week; Clay wet, clay wax, my daughter is flying in this week from Portland for the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, we bought a tree to patch block a blot on the hill across the street, will plant it this week, more trees to be bought and installed. A round pen is going to be scraped in and footing applied, it’s in a secluded spot on the rolly, roundy topography near the edge of the Kentucky River, high, not low, so never will have standing water, they’re treating the pastures so they turn bright green in the spring, waterer’s hopefully installed waiting for the 123 waterer’s to be installed at a farm in the area then my three itsy bitsy ones will be attended to, a driveway scraped and rocked and plenty of paper to draw on.  Bought a palette knife. Log house is getting touched up from some repair to the hand hewn logs, should be finished up this week. Working on some political cartoons in my spare time. Horse shopping continues, avoided an online auction purchase, had to leave my computer for a trip into town or I’d probably gotten into a bidding contest and hit a button I may would have regretted. Rewashed the turn out rugs for the horses and applied the rain resist.  Not so sure I should have done that, you need rain to resist.