Reluctant Model


My Jack Russell Terrier Vivid doesn’t enjoy her modeling job. But then again she never does. I lure her into the studio by tasty pieces of meat and then hoist her on the table so I can get to work. She does stay on the table where I place her but her scowl and disdain for the moment is palpable in the room. She’s not a happy camper. When I pull her leg into a position for a bronze or prop her up on four feet for a standing sculpture she isn’t very amenable to the whole thing and tells me so by a steady pull of her foot and a steady gaze of her eyes channeling a how can you look.  Usually when I give her a break she walks off all hunkered over  and skulks away ignoring my pleads to come back for a few more minutes of modeling. I have to go and collect her to continue my study of her anatomy. I do think she believes I should know her anatomy by heart by now. She’s been invaluable in my work and  my constant companion and for the past 17 years. She’s the best Jack Russell in the world.