Riparious Ri*pa”ri*ous, a. [L. riparius.] Growing along the banks of rivers; riparian.

Almost finished with the log cabin.  Tomorrow they install the carpet in the bedroom and loft.  Just a few more touch-ups and we’ll be ready to go. Yesterday I showed my daughter the wall color, it was on my hands.  Good color swatch.  Handy.

We’re going to offer it for rent.  Could be long term or short term. Furnished or unfurnished.  Lots of horse events around here so it would be perfect for the folks coming into town and need a non-hotel room to perch.  I remember well trying to find the quintessential Kentucky experience when I came to Kentucky and what was available was always occupied.  So it was a hotel for a week to ten days.  Not all that much fun with your dog(s) and lack of privacy.  It would work as an artist studio too.

Pictures will follow when it quits raining and I get the ladder out of the big room.