Russian Promenade

John Laver Photography

Yellowstone National Park was our destination. After dropping off my newest clay models at the foundry in Colorado we rearranged our gear to make room for the camping gear, painting supplies and fishing tackle. After we removed the cardboard shipping boxes from the van which contained a World Equestrian Games piece, a Saddlebred piece and a set of candlesticks with a Baroque type horse, we re-directed our map directions and headed north to Wyoming.

I’ve always wanted to go to Yellowstone and it didn’t disappoint.  A relief since it’s not easy to get there unless you’re going there for a purpose. After two days of touring around the well laid out roads the thought occurred to me, this reminded me of the Russian opera house; The Mariinsky Opera and Ballet Theater. Several years ago while in St. Petersburg, Russia we attended the opera “Madame Butterfly”. At the intermission everyone got up and streamed into a room with immense crystal chandeliers hanging overhead.  Here they walked slowly in a circle, a promenade to view everyone’s spectacular fashion attire and acknowledge the who’s who attending the opera. Long gowns, sequins, hair swept up on the ladies and notable pieces of jewelry fit for a queen were on display while their escorts were Mafioso looking men attired in inky black tie and greased slick hair.

With this thought in mind I observed the garb which leaned towards safari gear; water bottles hooked to the belt, shorts with big pockets reaching down to the knees, comfortable shoes and shirts leaning towards the muted colors of the desert. The crown jewel of National Parks had one after another mineral display, breathtakingly elemental in its beauty. Russia may have been a study in power and art, but Yellowstone Park hinted the powerful doesn’t necessarily last but nature will persevere.

I loved every minute of it.