Shoes and No Socks

Our Irish farrier was due in at 7 pm to tidy up the  four legged types here on the farm.  First the trusty trail horse Reno.  Next the White Queen.  She was quiet and resolute as Tom worked around her feet.  Next the north field horses.  Aedon was first, she’s the first to you and she’s rather impatient with the dolling out of the carrots. I caught Lilly who was the most worrisome to me, she’s had show shoes on which have made a real mess of her feet.  Who thinks forcing a long toe on a horse is a natural way to produce motion in a horse? She’s a beautiful mare, lovely way of going barefoot. I’ve always been against the man made rather than the natural.  Too bad for this filly because it’s going to take a long time to right the wrong done to her. But we’re on it and hopefully she’ll have a productive and useful life after the “designer shoes” are a long memory.  Next came the high class mare Princess.  Standing off away from the fray I gathered her up last and as always the epitome of elegance.  I stoked her neck and kissed her on the nose and told her I loved her.  Always will that high class mare.