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Show Me Your Horse

Show me your horse and I will tell you what you are.
~Old English Saying

Whenever we start talking amongst ourselves, these horse people I hang out with, one of the subjects which invariably comes up  is what breed of horse you’re riding and why you picked that particular mount?   Consensus;  a set of papers isn’t always the first criteria for a good horse.

Checking out the horse ads at night while trying to unwind after a busy day I noticed an ad for some mares with sporthorse pedigrees.  I’ve been looking at half-breds, no-breds, and purebreds. Plopped in the pet section of the local ad I clicked on it curious as to why it was there to begin with. I called and inquired about their merits for fitting my needs of a quiet horse who would pack me around the hunt field. After a visit to the farm and the horses it looks like I found such an animal.  A tall flea bitten gray Hanovarian with a sterling pedigree has found me.  She needs some groceries and some tender care but in three months I’m sure she’ll look like an entirely different beast,  albeit still flea bitten gray, but muscled and sleek. The British artist Munnings recommended using a white pony in your paintings, so maybe this big elegant gray mare may appear in some of my work.

They wanted her to go to a good home. I think she’s found a soft spot to land.

Let the fun begin.