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Setting up my new work space is an exciting endeavor.  When we bought this place we thought we could convert the tobacco barn into a studio.  After several attempts to find a way to do this we felt it would be better to just use it as a storage building and leave the studio to new digs.  Unexpectedly we found it next door. A steel building with an unfinished apartment upstairs will fit the bill.  Although I may need to put an addition on later with higher ceilings than the 8′ in the steel building, it can easily be done. But for now it’s re-modeling what we have in front of us.

I’m cleaning in advance of moving the studio equipment.  Lots of stuff, trash, things I don’t know what they were used for or for what they’re needed now, so I’m taking it all to the dump.  The downstairs is pretty much mucked out.  Now on to the top floor.

The molds will be moved first.  And they need a heavy duty support to keep them safe and dry.