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The Great Pumpkin

Great Pumpkin

Last Wednesday I went to my favorite get out of town and just enjoy the idea of flowers place. This time of the year it’s mums, decorative Indian corn and decorative cabbages.  And the pumpkins.  There were huge containers of pumpkins along with sweet corn, squash and all the fall vegetables lying in well organized piles ready for the auction.

I spied the great pumpkin along with its side kick pumpkin, a bit smaller but not by much.  It was 267 pounds of pumpkin. I wanted it. Gorgeous shape, great color and although I couldn’t think of where I’d put it. Or how we’d get it on the truck or what we’d do with it once fall was over and it wasn’t so grand anymore. I still wanted it. Thankfully my friend kept dodging my proclamations  “I want it”. I gave it up. Somebody bought it for $50.00.

I couldn’t get the big pumpkin out of my head. Visions of revelers dancing around the great pumpkin on Halloween keep dogging me. Oh well.  A dealer standing next to me bought 40 pumpkins in one bin. All sorts of smaller pumpkins I’ve never seen before. As I was wondering how the heck I could find a pumpkin like the one in the bin; was soft pink with what looked like peanuts attached all over the surface. Gorgeous and would make an interesting drawing.  The lady that bought all the pumpkins offered to sell me her pumpkin. She must have heard my laments. I counted out $7.00 and loaded my prized pumpkin in the truck.