The Incredible Being of a Pony

Taking a break from working in the studio I jumped on the lawn mower and went out to tackle the grass. It’s been raining for a couple days so the grass has been in full blown growing mode. After mowing the lawn around the house I went down the road along the fence row and tidied it up then the front of the small log cabin. Ducking under the mailbox that was installed by the prior owner which swings from side to side I continued on to the barn area. I like mowing, gives me time to mull over things.

As I pass the white queen and the high class mare who are standing at the round bale snack bar, they turn their heads and look at me. I like looking at them and it gives me a chance to scan them for any issues.  I notice the water tank in the far field next to the road and see water is spewing out of the nozzle and  spilling over the big tank as it runs down into the sink hole in that part of the pasture. A rut is etched where the water is falling from the tank. I first wondered who did that? Someone pulled the handle up as a prank? It’s near the road. So along with the numerous beer cans glittering in the grass I wonder who would stop and do the dirty deed to add insult to beer cans? I worry if it’s broke which means I have to turn off the water at the road. Not easy by myself, it’s a man hole kind of cover on it. I stop the tractor and climb through the fence. It’s really wet and slippery near the tank and I’m wearing sandals. I drop the handle and the water turns off. Good.

Next I look at the ground and notice a fly mask lying near the tank and faucet. Horses can get into trouble in a padded stall. I know that as well as I knew the faucet installed next to the tank probably wasn’t the best solution to getting water into that field, but we did it anyway. Now I get it, one of the horses hooked their face mask on the faucet because it’s ripped all along the side. This was one of those really nice face masks with the nose attachment that keeps the face flies off their muzzle.

I look over at the group at the second snack bar roll. There is one horse missing his mask. It’s the Connemara. I look to see if he’s got any issues with his dust up with the faucet. He looks good from a distance. As I walk over towards him and his pasture mate, he stops eating, looks at me and immediately steps over to me a bit excited, I think it was his match up with the hydrant.  He’s a pretty intelligent pony, most are. Pony boy is the one who can be a pasture away and when I call his name his head goes up, then I see him moving out and he comes galloping because he knows I’ve opened the gate to the grass carpeted snack bar. He brings the rest of the herd with him. And yes it’s food oriented and nothing to do with me the human, but I like this pony. They’re uncanny in their self preservation and plucky outlook on life. I’ve always thought being a dog would be pretty cool, but I think being a pony might be better.